Sunday, June 14, 2009


Today, I got to go sit in Merrill's primary class with him (two deep thing..).
Usually, when I go in his class with him, the kiddos all ooh and ahh at Miss Peyton, not so much excitement over me.. but today, a little boy in his class, showed some excitement over me.
"It's been YEARS since I have seen YOU Mindy!"
Even though I would see him almost every day, after school walking with his sister, it must seem like years considering he spent almost everyday (minus weekends) at my house for a good year out of his little life.
He got up in sacrament meeting to bring me a little treat...

I love it!
It got me thinking about little promptings, feelings, impressions we have, that prepare us.
Summer of 2006, I was at Albertson's, seeing what that week's 10 for $10 had in store for me and my food storage. Fruit snacks were on special, and because my kids especially love fruit snacks, boxes of them were welcomed into my cart. I felt the urge to grab a box of Superman snacks. It hit me as funny (funny peculiar, not funny haha..) that I would have this feeling. Anyone who knows my girls, knows that they are more girlie than anything. Ashley hadn't fallen in love with superheroes, yet. It was a strange urge indeed. I didn't fight it, didn't try to explain it, I just followed my "urge".
As I was home, putting away the newly acquired food storage items, the phone rang.
It was a good friend, in need of help.
She was going back to school, but needing someone to care for her son, same age as Lynn, while he wasn't at pre-school. Did I know anyone who could do that?
So strange that I would feel that "urge" to buy Superman snacks, that very day. I should probably mention how much this little guy loves his superheroes. :)
I will not lie, that was in many ways, a hard year for our family. There were adjustments that were constantly being made, re-programming when this boy would return from a weekend with his dad, but entirely worth it.
What a blessing it was at that time in our family's life.
Funny, what thoughts flood your brain just by looking at a little treat.
I am thankful for "urges", promptings, impressions, what ever you may call them.
I am more thankful when I follow-through or act upon them.
It is a lesson that has repeatedly been taught to me, when something is important to me, no matter how dumb and unimportant it may seem, if it is important to me, it is important to my Heavenly Father too. He'll see that I have all the help I need. It goes for all of us.
These thoughts were re-affirmed after sacrament meeting as I visited with a few people I admire so much, I look up to them, I love them dearly. They related experiences, circumstances and concerns that some might think of as small in relation to other cares, but important to them personally. People, thoughts, ideas, or combinations of these, were placed in their paths at just the right time, to help them. It happens all around us, everyday. Some people call these "coincidences", I think they are something else, from somewhere higher.
God is indeed, good.


Ally0005 said...

I agree, thanks for sharing!

Six-Pack Momma said...

Well said, once again. Someday, I wanna be like you...

Julie said...

I agree with Christie. I wanna be like you too.