Saturday, June 13, 2009

New skill..

No, I did not clip my darling's nails too short, again, and draw blood like I did when she was first welcomed into our little home.. Miss Peyton has acquired a new skill..
She has a proficiency for un-zipping zippers.
The things, like scissors, that were once safe in her sisters' zippered pencil pouches, are no longer safe behind the zippered confine.
She's growing up!
These four layers of Hello Kitty band aids on her little thumb are surely cramping her style. It makes her habit of sucking the two fingers next door not quite the same.
Here's to praying that blood clots soon.


Julie said...

At least she looks very fashionable with her pink bracelet to match the Hello Kitty band-aids.

Annie said...

Ouch!!! What a fun and ALWAYS EXCITING age.