Friday, January 1, 2010


What will it bring?
I can think of many possibilities but I am mostly thinking about what I can do to make this another great year in my life and for my family.
I have been letting the goals in my head percolate for a while now, deciding which are truly important enough, worth the time and energy..
Here's just a smattering:
- Read more.  I have already started compiling a list of books for myself, and books to read with the girls.
- Run a 5k..  sometime this year.  It was going to be a goal before 30, but that is not going to happen at this point!
- Read the Old Testament this year..  Genesis always gets me.  "Begat..  begat..  begat.."  (Snore....)
- Be more consistent with my Yoga.  That might just help my shoulders to not feel the way they do now after shoveling two tons of snow.
- Read the Book of Mormon..  again. :)
- Actually have a calendar this year.  I survived 2009 without one..  barely.  I got to a point where I really should have had one, but thought I should just keep on going.  I made it this far, eh?  Why screw up a good thing? ;)  Actually, it will be a series of calendars..  one wherever I may need it, and I will keep them all correlated.
- Using said calendars, I will plan a month-to-month routine, getting ahead of myself so life is a little bit easier come Christmas 2010.
- I rocked it on my layout goal last year..  I really did.  I still haven't counted the final tally, I stopped when I hit the magical number.  This year, I will keep that same goal, but add to it in that, when I design a digital layout, I will have to do one traditionally as well.  So that is 144 + ?  Yikes.  Let's see if I can brag it up next year at this time.
- Dates.  Merrill and I have no excuses now.  We need to have more dates.  We just started late night soaks after we get the kiddos down and they are AWESOME!!  The adult talk time is priceless..  interruptions non-existent.  There is something about the day after those soaks that make me feel so much more connected to him.   Getting all dressed-up and going out together will probably have a similar outcome.
- Last year, I set a goal to be a better friend, and I am setting that goal again, as there is always room for improvement.  Birthday cards were sent off late and that should not happen when someone is trying to be a better friend!
I will also be continuing my photo a day project.  That was fun!
I have also been thinking awhile on my word for the year..  there were many prospects.  I got serious on two of them but it goes to enjoy.
I learned a lesson on Facebook from my uncle when I posted my status update during the busy last two weeks of December.  I posted that I was praying that I would get all the wrapping done, and that Peyton would stop the unwrapping.  My uncle commented that he "prayed that I would enjoy this most wonderful time of my life."
Then and there I knew that was to be the word of the year. 
I need to sit back and relax a bit.  So what if that certain project doesn't turn out the way I intended?  And what am I going to do if I didn't get to do as many fun things this break/summer/weekend/day as I wanted to with the girls?  I should just enjoy what we did get to do and not fret about the details.
Ahhhhh...  there.
And so it begins.....
Happy new year everyone!!!!


kdance10 said...

That was a great post. Many of those same things i would love to do also. Especially the date night, with my husband working two jobs right now i feel like i never get enough. Thanks for sharing all that:)

Ally's Corner said...

I got a great calendar from
I got the Family Organizer
Mom Calendar, love it. This is my second year using their calendar and will not use another.


Bonnie said...

That post is totally great and inspirational. I need to be better at my beginning of the year planning.

Jamie said...

Great goals! I need to include those on my list too!