Sunday, January 3, 2010

Posting locale...

I know that you can't tell..  there isn't anything different about the way I type, you aren't enjoying the same atmosphere that I am right now, you cannot hear the music I am listening to.  Even if you were here, you most likely wouldn't even recognize the music to enjoy or appreciate it, and you wouldn't feel the same comfort I do hanging out with Merrill Pitcher..   I am not posting from my comfy computer chair in my loft, rather, posting from Merrill's lair.  Thanks to the lack of connectivity with the wireless internet that we had before Windows 7..  we still have some learning to do and some kinks to un-kink with our system.  But I love Windows 7 anyways. :)
His office (lair) is in the basement.
Have I ever said how much I love our new house?
Sure, there are times when I miss the old place..  like when we had to chop off the bottom of the Christmas tree to get it to fit in our living room..  but this house has answered a lot of prayers for us in many ways.
I had my own craft room at the old house, and I do here too.  My room here has room though..  room for what Merrill and I have ALWAYS wanted..  a comfy chair or even a love seat to be in my room for him to come and lounge on while we talk, and laugh, and while I create.  He loves to read and listen to his music too, and I love having him there.  We spend a lot of time as a family there.  The girls create and color too.  We get out the chalkboard and they play school.  Merrill will read to them while we sit there, all cozy and happy together.
At the old house, Merrill dreamed of having his own room..  an office slash music type of sanctuary.  A place where he could display his vinyl collection and autographed emepheria and not run the risk of little hands appreciating it as well. 
Don't get me wrong..  the girls hang out down here too.  We sing and dance and laugh.  Just today they were playing Best Western hotel with daddy.  They had their hotel built out of empty boxes (that came from somewhere..) in the next room and he was their boss.  It was so cute to hear the way that they were interacting with him.
We are in the process of making it his..  hanging things etc.  He even has his own Scentsy warmer, and picks his own scents..  it's really cozy here. 
We are hoping to get a nice comfy couch to have in his inner sanctum, where I can come and be with him, like I am now, but not on a folding chair that he complains of.  It is pretty harsh on the toosh.  Maybe hold a few make-out sessions?  Hey, mom and dad did to Gordon Lightfoot back in the day...  ;)
That would be an activity without the children.  We already get razzed enough by them..
Point is, we have a lot of space here, and it doesn't take us apart.  It has brought us together.  We have enjoyed getting to know each other even better..  and I thought I knew him pretty well 10 years into it!
Right now, it bring sus all together.  We don't have the distraction of a TV all the time, the girls have the space to play together..  I don't have to worry about where the hand-me-downs fit.  (O months to 7 years tends to make a lot of storage bins...)  It has been a good transition that has optimized our time together.  No more organizin and re-arranging things in the house to make room for this or that, we get to spend our time together.
Someday, the logisitics of things will change.  I bet that the girls will all be downstairs in the three basement bedrooms when teenagerdom hits, if not sooner, and then our rooms might enjoy a closer proximity, but now, the space is nice.  I don't have to stress or worry like I did before.
The fun just keeps coming!
So I guess I really don't mind the wireless not working like it should upstairs..  just gives me more time with Merrill. :)


Tiffany said...

Glad you're liking your new place, it's a great feeling to spread out and have your own spaces!

And you should see what 0-7 years with boy and girl clothes looks like! I'm glad my basement is big! :)

Six-Pack Momma said...

I, too love sitting by Randy as he enjoys his music. It gives me a chance to blog (haven't had as much time lately- but that is changing...) Some of my favorite times with him are when we are just quiet, doing our own things with each other.

Ally's Corner said...

We all need a place like that, can you show a picture.


BookwormMom said...

It's all about having space in the right that everyone can gather and do their thing...but together.

I felt the same way when we moved to our house, and I still do...

Courtney said...

Imagine me hitting the "like" button. ;-)

Jamie said...

You are making me so jealous about your own craft room. I used to have one, but the new babe has taken it over as his room... it is worth it though. Someday I'm sure I will get it back! Your new house sounds awesome!!