Friday, January 22, 2010

An Even Day..

At our house, to prevent the arguments that naturally come with small children and who gets to pray, we have the rule (if you can call it that..) that whatever the date is, even or odd, then someone with an even or odd birthday, says the prayer. 
For example, if it is an odd day, Ashley blesses breakfast, Dad says bedtime prayer.  If it is an even day, Lynn blesses breakfast, Mom says bedtime prayer.  So when dinner time arrives, who ever didn’t bless breakfast, usually blesses dinner.  Peyton helps to fill in our gaps and sometimes, but only on those rare occasions when we are feeling generous and loving, will the girls give each other the dinner prayer.
Today was an even day.  Lynn’s turn to bless the breakfast and start our day.
As I get breakfast ready, we will talk about the coming events for the day, usually the news is on in the background, so there is a lot of talking and explaining going on.
Lately the news has been all about Haiti.  As I was crying yesterday morning watching the news while getting breakfast ready, the girls started asking questions.  I tried my best to explain the situation there.  What a hard thing those people are going through..
I even told them about a friend of mine who has been going through the long process of adopting a little girl there.  The hidden blessing in all of it, that they will get her sooner than expected due to this horrible happening there.
This morning, talk turned again, to the coming events of the day, and I told the girls that they would be having a little friend come to visit.  A friend of mine is experiencing some problems in her pregnancy, and we were helping out with her little girl today. 
We talked a bit more, then I asked Lynn to please bless the food and start off our day.
Before she started she asked, “Mom, what’s the name of that place again, where all the children are waiting..”
“Haiti honey..”  I was so touched that she still had that on her mind.
She started her prayer, thankful for many things, and then she asked her Father in Heaven to bless the people in Haiti.  “Bless the children that they can come here fast and be with their new families..”
She stopped praying for a second and whispered, “Mom, what’s that girl’s name..  your friend with the baby?”
I told her her name, and she prayed for her.  She paused, and then went on, paused again and acted like she had more to say.
I was feeling quite proud of my thoughtful little girl.
She ended her heartfelt prayer, and then acted kind of upset.  When I asked her what was wrong, she told me she was frustrated that she couldn’t remember my other friend’s name, the one waiting to get her little girl from Haiti.
We had another talk about how Heavenly Father knows..  He knows how we feel and what we think without saying it aloud.  He sure likes to hear it, but He knows.
“You don’t have to close your eyes, kneel down, or even fold your arms if you need to pray.  Did you know that?  You could say a prayer sitting in your seat at school, and He still hears.
Wow..  I love this little girl, the things she teaches me everyday!  The thoughts and feelings that she awakens in ME...  the things that I am still learning or am reminded of everyday.  
One of the many blessings of being a mother…


Rachael said...

I love when kids are so inspiring and innocent.

Thanks for you comment by the way.

Hayden wants to get a dog really bad. (he was walking his stuffed dog Hero.) I have been waiting over two years to get him a dog. Jesse wont let me. So I told Hayden if he shows me he can help take care of it then I will get him one. I also told Jesse if we're not in a new house by August I'm getting a dog weather he likes it of not.

All in all the walk was Hayden's idea.

Ally's Corner said...

You're one great mom to teach your children about compassion believe it or not but most do not.

anniebobannie said...

What a sweetie!! You are an amazing mother!

Julie said...

Lynn is obviously being taught well. What a sweet girl.

Amanda said...

I have tears spilling over... what you are teaching your kids is the most important thing you can... how to have a relationship with their Heavenly Father!!

This was such a blessings to read!


Gramee said...

oh Mindy, I am just bawling.
this is so Sweet, I feel such a special connection to these kids, all through this blog.

the little children will teach us..

one thing i have always believed.