Thursday, January 7, 2010

A funny moment brought to you by Lynn & the Old Testament..

I have set a goal this year, to read the Old Testament.
It is a personal goal that I have set many times, but just can't seem to get through it.
I get to all those "begats", and my mind wanders.  I am determined to do it this year, and not only because it is the lesson matter in Sunday School for 2010, but because I want to understand the Gospel better.  How many times have I read the Book of Mormon?  Sheesh..  I should be a little more balanced.
I remember coming home from school most days to find my mom, sitting on the couch with her scriptures open.  If it wasn't her scriptures, it was a good book.  Her scriptures were always there on the end table.  She reads them every day still. 
I believe that is where I got my love of reading.
I want my children to have that same example, that same desire planted within them, and that is another reason why I have set the goals that I have for this year.
Yesterday, I made my way through my daily tasks, got a few extras done, and sat down to really delve into the Old Testament.  I got past the "begats", wiped some sweat from my forehead, and heaved a big sigh, and continued on. ;)
Soon. the front door opened, and Lynn was home!!!
(We missed her terribly her first day back to school..  Ashley more than anybody, so we were excited that she was home again.)
We chatted about her day, and I started reading again.
She was interested.
"What are you reading mom?"
"The Old Testament."
"Is it interesting?"
"Yes..  it is the history of the earth before Christ came."
"Ohhh...  what are you reading about now?"
"Noah.  He is going to build the ark."
"Will you read some to me?"
And the reading commenced, but aloud this time.
I got to the part where it is said that God made a covenant with Noah, and I asked Lynn if she remembered what a covenant was.
"Isn't it like a rule?"
"I think that you are thinking of a commandment.  A covenant is a type of promise."
"Oh....  a promise with Heavenly Father.."
"Yes.  You will make covenants with Heavenly Father when you choose to be baptized.  Mom and dad made covenants with Heavenly Father when we were married in the temple too."
"What kind of things did you promise?"
"To love and take care of each other."
"Uh oh..  you guys broke that promise..  all you do is chase each other around and yell and scream and tease each other.  That isn't loving.."
I think I should make it clear that we have a new found love for playing tag in our house.  The layout begs for us to do it.  We have also already covered the fact that the hardwood is slippery and oh, so fun to slide on, and that only lends to the fun of tag.
We really are just having fun..  I promise!  We really do love each other..
Oh boy..  first the bruise to explain, and now this....

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Ally's Corner said...

I love it when my kids ask questions about the bible.

Don't laugh at us crazy southern people to much today, snow is coming and every one is running to the store for bread and milk, LOL