Thursday, January 28, 2010

Being a woman..

I promise I love it.

I love it more than Cheez-Its.

(My latest love..)

It’s just one of those days, those fun, fun days when you are dealing with the fun of female hormones..  all the aches and pains..  cravings.

It’s just ovulation (TMI some might say..) but it can be bittersweet.

While I am in the throes of the cramping, I am thankful that I am a woman..  bugged that it is happening for no good reason.  Then my mind wanders..

If I were pregnant, this wouldn’t be happening.  I would be having fun with a baby moving inside me.

Or if we were trying to get preggers, it would be a happy dance day..  possibility is on its way!!

But nope..

Merrill is too much of a chicken.

So I ovulate in pain, with no reward in sight.

At least I can satisfy my cravings..  anything salty, and right now Cheez-Its are closest.


anniebobannie said...

I hate yucky girlie stuff! I LOVE cheese-it's!!! Cheese it party mix and cheese it white cheddar are my favorite! I hope you feel better soon!

Amber said...

There are definite drawbacks to being a woman sometimes. That's why I LOVE my birth control. I have had one "womanly time" in the last year and some... No complaints here! Unfortunately, I do still enjoy random mood-swings and cravings, just not once a month. I also appreciate Cheez-Its but they make me sick if I eat too many so I try to keep other salty foods handy.