Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gun battles and such..

We still have some of our firearms doing well despite all of the bear (and people) hunting.

Our family has now become quite playful with our dollar store toys.

jan 26 001

(Don’t let them fool you..  they look friendly, but they are waiting to ambush Merrill..)

Peyton stabs me in my knee at least three times a day.

The girls will usually make me jump when they poke the tip of their pistol in my side, followed with a threat.

jan 26 003

(See that crazy look in their eyes?)

The guns usually find themselves placed strategically around the house, ready to be snatched for a gun fight, or placed in a good hiding spot on one’s person, ready to be pulled on another family member, say if they do not like the fare being served for dinner?

We often hold each other at gunpoint, and the threats get thrown around, then the inevitable happens.

“Bang!  Bang-bang!!  Bang!”

Fake blood pours, diving for cover takes place, and there is usually the mandatory 30 second play death on the floor.

jan 26 009

Sometimes instead of the fake death, there is an argument over who got the first shot off.

Most of the time, this involves only Merrill and myself.

It is quite fun.

I have resorted to stashing two guns in my waistband.  They are positioned just so..  I am able to reach in faster than fast, and draw them on him simultaneously. 

We do involve the girls, but they usually run and hide in their room, then one of us has to fabricate an elaborate story to draw them out of their room.

Then the fun starts all over again.

The dollar store has never been this good to us.


Promise said...

I LOVE IT!!!! Gotta love the surprise "Hands up" comply..and then they shoot you anyway! We should get together for a Mayes Vs. Pitcher shoot-out. I think I might be scared of those gals those! =) Love you guys!

Tiffany said...

I love the look on Peyton's face in that first picture. Looks like a fun time!

Six-Pack Momma said...

We love our dart guns!

Bonnie said...

I can see you being "Faster than fast!"

Crystal said...

I love this post. How fun, and these are girls, not boys, playing with the guns. It sounds like you ladies {and Merrill} have so much fun. I have always thought you would make the best mom. And it shows.