Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekend in pictures..

We had a great weekend at home..
Saturday was a busy day..  okay, busy is an understatement, but it was the good kind of busy.
We had a baptism, a birthday party, and a baby shower.
Someone thought that the glue stick was lip gloss..

Not so much..

Sunday was a good day, despite Merrill having to work...  I had my lesson which I was pleased with.  I was even more pleased with how well the girls behaved in Sacrament meeting..  even better than when dad is there!!  We did miss him though..
We made up for it that evening.
We made popcorn the good family fun way..  with the air popper and melted butter.
It was quite magical to Peyton.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of her face when the kernels started to pop.
Lynn made us some brownies with her Easy Bake oven.
They were yummy..

And so was she, bringing them to us like a little cute waitress..

We waited to hear any minute that Promise was having the baby..  they had to speak in their ward, and with the boys, she went into labor during their talks (with James, Ken was speaking in Stake Conference and with Levi, she was speaking and having contractions).
We spent the day Monday with Grammy, Randee, Chace, and Josh.

Promise and the boys were supposed to be there, but wouldn't you know..  she went in to labor early that morning.
Abby arrived yesterday afternoon. :)
5 pounds 15 ounces and 18 inches long.
She is cute!
We are debating in this house who she looks more like..  Merrill and I see James in her but Lynn sees Levi.  They are so excited to have a little sister!  Hopefully Levi has changed his mind, and will allow her to live in the house. ;)
Family Home Evening was fun..
Especially with Ashley...

She is crazy..
Lynn made us sugar cookies with her little oven.
(She claims she will be baking my birthday cake as well..)
Today, we have been coloring away and are waiting for our bread dough to rise the second time so we can bake it...  laundry is in full swing too.
I am tempted to go to Costco and pick up my birthday present...
We have loved the long weekend!


Ally's Corner said...

Your kitchen is so pretty!!!

Natalie said...

Tell Ashley...thanks for the laugh. The backwards butt made my day!! :D

anniebobannie said...

Ashley is too funny! I love that Lynn is taking after mommy and being so domestic!