Thursday, January 14, 2010

Who said that?...

Whoever said "Life will slow down after the holidays.." totally jinxed me.
Oops..  it was me!
That's what I get for opening my big mouth...  I should have learned by now.  Last time I did that, I had to go and brag about us never having to use an antibiotic with the girls, we'd never had an ear infection.  A week later...
Then there was the time a friend's little girl broke her leg, and I had to open my big mouth and say that we have never had to visit the doctor for an emergency of the like, then the next day, Ashley fell out of the shopping cart, on her head...
See, I should have learned by this point to keep my big mouth shut!
Ohhh...  or maybe if I open my big mouth and say how I am SOOO busy, and how I know lofe will get even busier, then I won't! ;)
Does reverse psychology work when you use it on yourself?
I have a LIST of things to post about, but not the time..  That would be great if time would multiply, just for me.
Part of the chaos, is that I got a new calling (YAY!!!!) instead of working with stinky little boys (not really, they were fun..) I get to work with the Relief Society sisters, more.  I have been called to serve as the Relief Society Meeting Coordinator.  When the bishop first asked me, and then told me that they would be releasing me as Cubmaster, I butted in and asked if I would still be teaching.
I don't know if it was so much an ask as it was a plead that I could still teach..  I LOVE TEACHING!!!
I know that life will be busy, in a fun way, so I will just have to stop beating myself up over simply jotting down the goings on until I can write them out in their entirety.
But let me tell you..  there are some laughs in store! :D


Ally's Corner said...

Well when things happen when you open your month can you say I'm going to get a big lump of money soon?

Rachael said...

I hope you enjoy the new calling. I have loved being on the Enrichment board! It's such a fun calling.

I'm going to miss planning all the fun activities, I'm probably going to have withdrawals It's been so long. What sense the beginning of 2007, Sheesh! I'm looking forward to Jesse and my new calling as well. :)

Good luck!