Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009...

We spent our New Year's Eve partying it up with Merrill's family.
Merrill, Brooke and I were rockstars playing Rockband..  I won't begin to share our scores, they might make you feel badly next time you play and score less than our average 93%...  Merrill was our guitarist, Brooke was awesome on drums, and I..  I saaaanggggg!
It was a lot of fun..  we even debuted as a family gig, Merrill and the girls and I, but sadly I have no pictorial proof of our awesomeness.
We ate too much yummy food, although I could have eaten more crab legs now that I think about it...
Merrill put himself to work the 12-8 shift so his employees could party it up in their own realms..  so we spent the night at the hotel.
We were hoping to swim, but due to our encore ;), when we got to the hotel, it was a tad too late.
So we goofed off a bit in the room..

Some silliness..
Lynnie, Peyton, me, Ashley, and Sparkle Belle Beauty Snowflake Gracie Sally
(The doll's name changes everyday..  at least.)

Pretending to sleep.

Throwing up silly signs..

And Peyton took note of all the happenings..

We slept incredibly..  so incredibly, that we missed breakfast, but thanks to the awesome general manager there, we were able to get some cereal and juice.
While Merrill slept a little in that awesome bed, the kids and I went and swam for a bit.  I sat in the hot tub, trying to get my shoulders to feel better after shoveling that snow the other day..  I tell you, it was tough work!

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