Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Great to be 8..

Can we really be this old?  I mean, really?!
Lynn turns 8 this year which means a big event will commence in her little life, her baptism (if she so chooses..  and she is pretty excited about it.).
We got to attend the "Great to be 8" fireside a couple of weeks ago to see what it would be like.
She was on cloud nine!
It only got better as the stake primary gave her a balloon, a special book for that special day, and cake on top of that?  (Merrill and I really liked that cake..) 
Our Family Home Evening lessons this year will focus more on what this means.  They will also include a lot of scripture finding and reading..  she is in Senior primary now...
So really..  are we really here?..  now?..  already?..
She was just my baby!


Ally's Corner said...

My neighbor and friend Carrie her daughter will be baptism this year also. She put Great to be 8 on her blog also!!!

Julie said...

They grow up so fast. It seems too fast sometimes.