Monday, January 25, 2010

Clean House Monday..

I was so excited to get to it this morning.

Last week was my birthday, and I got yet another awesome gift.

24&25 021

I am in love!!

Some people might think I am weird, but I am really normal, to myself at least.

Last year, I got the Dyson.

Changed my life.

Some people might think that’s an awful gift.  Not me…

I am all about cleanliness, I get it from my mom.  (She’s a little OCD, you can’t dispute it mom..  you made me the way I am.)

As I hinted, researched, and hinted some more, Merrill admitted to me that he was looking for just what I wanted.

A Shark floor steamer.

(See..  I am kinda weird!)

Yes, it gets weirder as I am the one who went and picked it up..  I also had a coupon to go towards the purchase (I am in love with coupons..), and it was one of the best gifts I received.

(I have many more yet to play with..)

But today, I was in heaven.

I filled-up the extra large water tank twice, even though I only needed to once, and steamed away.

It was fun.

(Now are you convinced that I am weird?)

I would have eaten off my bathroom floor, it is that clean.

But we are teaching our children about the importance of family mealtime..  that would have been a bad example.


courtneycash said...

Ooooo, I've been wanting that. Worth it I guess?

Promise said...

Steam mops are awesome! They make mopping not seem like such a chore and almost fun! I dont think you are weird for the Dyson or the steam mop....I think they are awesome gifts and I dont have a bit of the OCD (wish I did) that you have! Way to go Merrill! =)

Gramee said...

you are so lucky,

The floors in most homes here in Arizona are all tile.. I mop this tile and it never seems clean.

I need that!

(i mopped this morning at 6:30 am so the dog was still sleeping while i mopped..worse than a little kid!

Jenny said...

I got one of these a few months ago and I am in love too! It is for sure on my list of best purchases ever. Makes my life so easy and my floors so nice and clean!

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

I don't think your weird! I would love one! If I had more hard flooring in my house it would be sitting right there ready and waiting to be used! I loved using my sister's. And we are looking into getting a dyson! have fun.

Crystal said...

You do get that little OCD from your mom. I remember going over to your house all the time as kids, and it was always so nice and clean. Way to go Janet :-) I'm with you on the whold OCD thing too. I LOVE a clean house. Some people may think I am a horrible mom and that I dont spend enough time with my kids but I truly do. I just have a schedule for the day which makes a fun filled time with the kids and a clean house.

Happy birthday last week. I thought about you, but since I dont FB I couldnt send you a little message.