Friday, January 8, 2010


We have a hair puller in the house..
She is not quite 2.
It is VERY frustrating.
She not only pulls her sisters hair, but she pulls my hair, and even Merrill's hair, on occasion.
It isn't a new development.. it has been going on for a while.
The only thing more annoying than her pulling our hair is what to do about it. I have tried many things, all of which do not seem to phase her.
I have even asked Ashley to pull her hair back (I know psychologically, she won't get it yet, she doesn't have that empathy bone developed, but it was worth a try..) all that culminated in was two little girls crying and exchanging tearful "sorries".
It didn't stick.
The other day, after she pulled Lynn's hair, then Ashley's hair, which left them BOTH crying, she returned to Lynn's head of hair, and gave it another tug. The crying became only louder and more intense. They were both terrified of the sister half thier size.
In that moment, I did the first thing that came instinctively to me...
Now don't judge me...
I spanked her.
Like she would get that too?..
The tables turned, and she was the one crying now.
I loved her and told her, very sternly, that we do not pull hair.
"If you pull hair, I will spank you bum."
"Mommy spank Pey-don's bum-bum? No no.. pull hair." and she tearfully shook her finger at me.
"That's right. You pull hair, I will spank you bum."
She thoughtfully looked around for a minute, and her eyes fell to a picture of Christ.
"Mom? Jesus spank bum-bum?"
Thanks Peyton.. way to make me feel guilty.
What would you do with a pint-sized hair puller?
(Shaving our heads is not an option..)


Ally's Corner said...

I would have done the same thing and I don't spank.

The Anderson's said...

So funny! Thanks for making me laugh! I unfortunately am a bum swatter. But now I will think about wwjd. My brother has tried to solve his daughter's biting problem by putting tabasco on her tongue. Good luck Mindy!

Bonnie said...

I am not a spanker mom, but there was at least once when looking back I think I definately should have.

Six-Pack Momma said...

I proabbly would have swatted the behind, too.

Jamie said...

I'm not judging... I've been there!

BookwormMom said...

Actually, I think in Jesus's time, most kids probably got spanked (or worse). Maybe Jesus wouldn't spank, but that's because he's Jesus, and even a small child knows not to be naughty in front of Him. :)

Seriously, you could tell her that it makes Jesus very sad when she pulls sounds like she might actually "get" that.

Rachael said...

Kimmy is going through the same phase. Mostly she's just doing it to Hayden. But Kimmy's personality is more like Lynn's. when I tell her (it hurts) in a stern voice she usually stops and apologizes. She's only been in time out twice for it. I haven't had to spank her yet. She's far to sensitive. If I swat her bum just playing she starts crying.

That's always the hard thing about each kid, having to find out what works for each of their personalties. I wish you luck! :)

Jenny said...

Oh darn....way to make you feel bad! I don't know what to tell you to do, but I sure enjoyed your story!