Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lesson learned..

jan 26 010

Notice that case in the background.. 

THAT is where you can place your glasses so they are safe and your toddler doesn’t get their little hands on them and twist the arms attached to the eyewear until they cry for mercy.

It all went down on a Sunday before church.

I wasn’t too happy with the circumstances (who would be?), but what could I do?

It was technically my fault.

It was one of those goals I set for the year, more specifically the one about reading my scriptures.  So to help me do that, I have been leaving my scriptures out with my reading glasses conveniently placed atop the sacred book, to serve as a reminder of sorts.  Figuring the girls know to leave my scriptures alone, I assumed the protective force field of the “no-no” would be enough.

Not so.

Peyton had her way with them.

Remember this?  It wasn’t that long ago..  I still haven’t forgotten about the money I dropped for the new, updated prescription.  I have been praying that my frames could still be found so I had to pay for just one part of this pricey deal to be replaced.

The catch here is that I got these almost 4 years ago.  I thought it was a fat chance to find them.

But that wasn’t the only reason I put off this errand.

I got them at Sam’s club.

The best time for me to go to Sam’s club is after I drop off Miss Ashley at pre-school, but that is still too early for my type of membership.

That leaves me to find somewhere to go to occupy my time for one hour.

Somewhere nearby.



Both very bad places.

Pure, concentrated evil.

So I put it off for almost a month.

But I couldn’t put it off any longer, or should I say my eyes begged for me to just do it.

So I did.

It was a blessing I did when I did..  I found my exact frames on the display wall, one of the only pairs without the fake lenses in them.  I waited for them to help another lady who was mid-exam, she had just been given those super-fun drops.  Once the doctor took her back his assistant was ready to help me.  The girl working there was on her second day.  Okay, maybe not her second, but she was very (very) new, and she didn’t know the run of things very well, she admitted this to me.  I told her what I needed, and she said, “I can do this, I watched him do it yesterday.”

So she took my broken glasses, and the frames from off the wall, and put my lenses in the new frame.

I thought for sure they would send them all off to the lab to have them take care of it, then I wouldn’t see, or see my glasses for a few more days.

Nope.  I got them the same day.  Just a few minutes wait.

She wasn’t going to charge me for them either, but I made sure that was taken care of.

I can now see my handiwork, and read comfortably again.

If I had gone in as soon as this happened, would I be as happy?  Would it have been as easy?

Just the little blessings.

I did enjoy my hour spent at both Target and Joann’s. :)


courtneycash said...

Ugh - mine were recently broken by some tiny hands too.

Ally's Corner said...

Mine were broken a few months ago but couldn't be replaced. To bad we don't live close I could have fixed them for you. I worked in Optical before my girls.

Six-Pack Momma said...

My plastic frames were broken, too. They pieced them back together once...but they couldn't be helped the second time. No more plastic frames least not until the threat has grown a little more.

Bonnie said...

What a cool story! I love reading your everyday blessings posts!

Julie said...

Wow, that is so nice you found the same frames. Now you have new frames and lenses. Lucky.