Monday, April 26, 2010

10 signs of “Phantom” overload.

1- The two year old wanders the backyard with a look of longing on her face singing “Think of me..” over and over.
2- The Beast from the Belle  polly pocket set is now known as “The Phantom”.
3- When the girls play house, the plot revolves around marrying Raul or Phantom.
4- They fight over who gets to marry Raul.
5- The other day, while in my bathroom getting ready, Peyton turned my and Merrill’s toothbrushes into Raul and Christine, and they began singing “All I ask of you”.
6- If stopped mid word, on any word that starts with a “D” sound, Peyton quickly finishes it off with, “Duhhh….. da, da, da, duh, duhhhhhhh..” (Opening music to the movie..)
7- Lynn and Ashley are often found with the dark green fleece blanket draped over their heads, trailing down their backs like a cloak, wandering the house singing, “Wishing you were somehow here again.”
8- Ashley wishes she had long, dark brown, naturally curly hair.
9- Ashley also wishes her name were Christine Daae (still).
10- Peyton asks at least 562 times daily to “watch fantam”.

1 comment:

BookwormMom said...

I'll take the Phantom over Raoul any day.

Of course, I've always fallen for the guy with the tortured soul...

Your girls crack me up!