Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April 6th..


Rachael said...

Just remember isn't not about being on Manual. You really don't want to be on Manual. It's about being off Auto and knowing your settings. You want to know your camera so well that when an opportunity presents it's self (like above) that you will know what setting to flip to and it wont take you more than a second to know what setting you want for that situation.

Get to know your settings. The pictures above could be ten times better if you knew which setting on your camera to use. Not saying the pictures bad, just saying YOU can do better. :)

Plus get to know your ISO and play with shutter speeds lots and lots.

Wish you luck!

Julie said...

Wow, Min! You are quite the photographer. You take some pretty amazing pictures...even with your little point-and-shoot camera.