Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dear Weekend,

12th 006

We miss you so much!

We truly enjoyed you and cannot wait until we are blessed with another one just like you..

(Although I am glad that all the sand is now vacuumed up, not on my couch or the bottom of my feet.  I also didn’t appreciate whatever our little trip did to Peyton.  It was most bothersome to her to wake up so restless for two consecutive nights, tossing and turning, scratching like she was coming down with “mine-itis”.  I did eventually solve the problem by giving her a nice dose of children’s Benadryl, clipping her nails, removing her pajamas, and slathering her down with lotion in amounts that would make even someone with chronic dry skin cringe and the makers of lotion every where jump for joy.)

Our family needed that time together, and will be looking for more of it around every turn.

Much love to you,

The Pitcher Family

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Six-Pack Momma said...

AHHH sand! I loathe sand. But time together is worth it in any amount.