Saturday, April 10, 2010

A love letter of sorts.

projects 003

Dear Mary Lou,

It has been a week and a half since I began my love affair with your “Best Press” starch alternative spray, scented so lightly with relaxing lavender.  I actually enjoy ironing.  I am actually considering not having to buy any more “wrinkle free” dress shirts for the other love of my life. 

Your spray is that incredible.

It has made my sewing projects that much more pleasurable, and I do love to sew.  Now I just love it that much more!

My iron is now looking at life through rose colored glasses due to the fact that your spray doesn’t deface it with white residue and flake that transfers to all fabric that it comes in contact with.

Pressing seams is heaven and something that I don’t dread anymore.

The atmosphere between all of me and my necessary friends in my sewing/craft room is unimaginable.

I am halfway through bottle #1, and need to be off to purchase more so as I will not run out, and have things regress to where they previously were.

Thank you for how you changed my life!

My deepest admiration,


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