Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Saving on something.

Yesterday, I took the girls to get haircuts, two haircuts.

Lynn and Ashley.

april 20 002

I first convinced Ashley to cut it much like she had it cut right after Peyton was born.  There was so much less drama in the house when it was short like that.

I loved it.

She loved it.

We needed a change.

I was worried that once summer hit, and the windows in the house were open, letting in all that warm, fresh air, it would be letting out the wailing a screaming of the daily task of brushing and fixing hair.  I was worried I would get the state called on me because neighbors would be worried about the welfare of my children.

Ashley was a little hesitant about the idea, but once I showed her how I thought we should get it cut, Lynn piped-up, “I want my hair like that too!!  It’s cute!”  That was more than enough to convince little sis that it was cute.

And they are cute..

april 20 004 april 20 009 april 20 021

It looks like we will now be saving money on shampoo, conditioner, and Kleenex.

Oh, and I will be saving my sanity too.

P.S.  As I was thinking about this little photo shoot, I was remembering what Lynn said to me when I was fixing her hair.  I told her that I needed to “tease” it a bit.  She said, “You mean you are going to say mean things to my hair?”  Silly girl..


Sunshine and Lazy days said...

I love their hair cuts! Sariah dies every time I suggest we cut her hair..which is a natural consequence when she won't take care of her long hair. Once it took a half hour to brush all the knots out of her hair! I love short hair on little girls. Very cute!!!

Ally's Corner said...

Those are cute hair cuts!!!!!

Gary Boyle Family said...

VERY cute! (We just got Cecily's cut the same way when I chopped off my 8 1/2 inches!)

(Cecily has the same Tinkerbell shirt as Ashley, how funny!) :)

Emalee said...

CUTE!!! I love them both, I have been really wanting to cut mine. Maybe......

anniebobannie said...

SOOO stinking adorable!! You are so smart to keep it short if they don't like it being done! That was always one of my most hated fights in the salon when Mom's wanted to keep it long and girls didn't like it being brushed, styled, etc. They look so cute and that is my favorite haircut on little girls!!!

Amber said...

Love the cute hair! Branden wanted me to tell you that he thinks you're a great photographer. :)

Bonnie said...

Very cute! A-lines always work. Well just because my hairstylist is a strong believer...

Promise said...

SOOOO cute gals!