Friday, April 2, 2010

We (heart) storms!

storm 008

Last night, we were all snuggled up on the couch, trying to find something to watch after “Spaceballs” had ended, something worthwhile, you know?  And it hit us, it was Thursday night, which means only one thing: The Office.

Or “Michael” as Peyton calls it.

Sadly, and disappointingly, it was a re-run (we were looking forward to something fresh.  We had just watched “Spaceballs” after all ;)..).  But soon enough, there was another of our favorite forms of entertainment upon us.


At first, Merrill believed it to be the light from cars driving on the road outside, but as it became increasingly more intense, we all knew it was more than traffic.

Now weather has been weird, to say the least, around here lately, so as the snow fell all last night and on and off during the day today, we should have been expecting thunder and lightening.

And more snow with it.

We all headed to Lynn’s room to watch the light show unfold, and got a good one!

I am so thankful for these quiet moments we get to share and enjoy as a family.  I am even more thankful that we have groomed the girls to not be afraid of it.

When Lynn was younger than Peyton, she would go nuts over a storm.  One summer night, it was she who woke us up, not the storm.  She was running up and down the hallway, giggling and chanting, “Funder and lie-ning!  Funder and lie-ning!”

It’s just our kind of family fun.  Had it not been so cold outside, we would have been on the porch. :)

The girls decided to sleep all together in Lynn’s room, on their bed made on the floor so they could continue their watch for lightening.  It was quite heartwarming to walk in and see Lynn, reading a book to her sisters with her little lamp on.

I love seeing how close they are!


Bonnie said...

That is great your girls aren't afraid of lightening and thunder. Great to teach them to be fascinated!

Brooke said...

i thought of you guys last night when it started lighting...

anniebobannie said...

How fun! I love that your girls are so close.

Iva said...

so CUTE!!!