Saturday, April 10, 2010

Only a Dozen or so..

This week, I was fortunate enough to have a house-full.

Between friends, there was a little get-away one husband coordinated for a wedding anniversary, and I happened to be the first to say yes to the needed childcare.  There was also another slight family emergency with another friend, and I had 3 more added upon our little temporary brood.

It was heaven.

(Merrill might disagree.)

I had three little boys playing cars/airplanes together which made my heart yearn for three little boys of the like to play cars/airplanes on my wood floors every day.

I had five doing homework simultaneously at the countertop.

Afterschool snacks were in abundance, and I felt like a good mom with my Clementine's, apples, and sugar cookies piled high with frosting to offer them.

It wasn’t until dinnertime, when the doorbell rang, and only two who were my actual offspring joined me in their excitement at the door.  The pizza lady brought us a bounty of warm, cheesy goodness.

“Wow!  I hope that you can handle all of this food.   Will you each eat one?”  She asked #2 and #3.

“We have plenty here to eat all of this.”

“How many do you have here?”

“Oh, a dozen or so.”

“They aren’t all yours..  are they?  You are too young to have 12 kids.”  She was alarmed and didn’t hide it.

“No.  But I love them all like they were.”

It was a fun night, I loved the back yard all a bustle with many children, but I was thankful for my recovery night last night with only three.


Annie said...

Sounds fun! I'll send my four over next time;)

Rachael said...

One day... I don't think you're too young to have a dozen. Throw in a few sets of twins. :)

TumbleBee said...

No matter how many times I say it, I mean it. Thanks.

Emalee said...

Oh fun!!! I bet you wanted to hide the boys in the closet so you could keep them :)

anniebobannie said...

She probably thought you were the babysitter! LOL!

Julie said...

Thank you so much for helping me out...especially at the last minute. You are such a great friend. Love ya!

Bonnie said...

It's amazing the joy you feel when you have a passle of little ones in the house! I concur! It just seems right, and in some ways can be easier, though different struggles can come with it of course. :)

Promise said...

Oh that brought tears to my are such a good mom! I can totally see you with 12 kids and being the happiest woman in the world! =) Love ya! (I once had 8 here for a couple of was fun and exhausting...and I was ready for them to go home. I dont think I would make it with that many of my own!)