Thursday, April 15, 2010


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Do you have a two-year old?

I do.

Does your two-year old ask you “Why?” and other questions incessantly?

Mine sure does.

I think her inquisitive “Why?” follows just about everything I say to her in the course of the day.  I do try to be ever so patient with the girl.  I try to answer each one as honestly and sincerely as if it were her first “Why?” of all time.

Here’s just a sample conversation:

“Peyton, we need to get to bed.”

“Why mom?”

“Because tonight is a school night and it’s bedtime.”

“Why mom?”

“Because it is Monday.”

“Why mom?”

“Because yesterday was Sunday.”

“Why mom?”

“Because we went to Church.”

“Why mom?”

“Because we love Heavenly Father and we want to show Him, okay?”

“Oh..  okay mom!”

Every day, all day, and it really keeps me on my toes as to the answers to all of her questions.

Right now, I am thankful that they are simple.


Ally's Corner said...

Why was my first word, no kidding. And still today I'm stilling asking why?

Tiffany Nash said...

"Why" is she so cute?

Adie said...

Great picture!! Your patients is so inspiring!! My 4 year old wants to know what everything means.