Wednesday, April 28, 2010

“DUH!” Moments.

Most people have “ah-ha!” moments.
I have “DUH!” moments.
These moments are usually comprised of information that I already knew, but it just didn’t connect, so when it is brought to light later (better, brigher light oftentimes..) I respond to it not with an “ah-ha!” but rather a “DUH!”
The other day, when the weather was much more spring-like, we were working outside on the lawn.  I was busy behind the mower while Merrill was weed-eating.  I was working on the back yard, which by the way, doing this yard is easily five or six times more work than the other house..  anyway, I was thinking…
(I must add lawn mowing to the list of activities that are conducive to good thinking moments..)
Sweat was pouring down my face, beading-up all over every other part of my body, and I couldn’t wait to get a drink of water when I had to empty the bag.
The thought was going through my mind of how this activity was such good exercise, and how I was wanting water instead of anything else, and we are always in such better shape in the summer, and the quick thought flashed in my head,  “I wonder if THIS has anything to do with that?”  Then it hit me..
Of course it does!!
In the winter, we are indoors.  I do have my weekly chores that keep me somewhat active, but after those chores are finished, I look forward to sitting down with a blanket and cup of cocoa to read a good book, watch a movie or do something with my hands (i.e. crochet, knit, sew, scrapbook, etc.).
(Note that all of these activities require me to sit on my butt.)
(Note also that I don’t necessarily want a glass of ice-cold water either during our Utah winters, I would much rather have something warm, creamy, and chocolatey.)
Now one might say,  “Well, you can work out indoors.”
And to that I would say, more like admit, very quietly, “I don’t always work out.”
See, we are back to the hibernate mode.
Whereas in the summertime, we are out more, sweating and playing in the sun.  Every week we take care of the lawn (exert, sweat, drink more water (not cocoa), sweat, repeat).  We are going for walks, swimming, and generally just being more active for longer hours throughout the day.
We get out and about exploring (not hibernating), seeing what fun things our state and local area have to offer.  Walking all over Lagoon, playing at a new park..
Our eating habits are even different.  Just like the water vs. cocoa mentality, our choice of meals also change.  Away from the meat and potatoes, hearty soups, etc. mode, and into the light, cooler meals that require less cooking and more healthy greens and fruits.
See, no wonder we are in better shape in the summertime.
I knew all of this before, it just never connected this way.
Just a “DUH!” moment brought to you by me. :D


Jocelyn said...

love it! definitely made me smile reading your "duh" moment. all my downtime consists of sitting on my big ole booty too:-) LOL!

Ally's Corner said...

Love the you mow the lawn I can't because it's one thing I'm allergic to. But I love summer because it's much fun!!!

anniebobannie said...

i think that is one reason losing weight has been such a struggle for me. I am craving comfort foods!!! I hope that summer brings more healthy cravings for us all!!!

Amanda said...

lol Love those DUH moments!! Too cute!