Thursday, April 22, 2010

It’s Springtime in Utah.


We have been enjoying wonderful weather, loving every second we get to spend out of doors..  enjoying how long the days are.

Then the weatherman had to open up his mouth.


I tried to change that forecast by showing the weather gods my utmost love and affections.

Lynn pitched in too:

april 20 056

“S is for sun

P is for play

R is for rane :)

I is for ixided :D

N is for nests

G is for gardeans”

We enjoyed playing outside every second we could to show spring just how much we appreciate the sunshine and warm weather..

I even made cupcakes..

With chocolate butterflies…

april 20 044

They were even FILLED!!

april 20 049

This love fest got us plenty of rain (which I love), some thunder and lightening (which we also love..), all parts of spring that we enjoy.

I even stopped belly-aching about my allergies!!

I thought I had helped Utah (or at least our neck of the woods) to dodge that snowy bullet.

And then I woke up this morning..

To snow.


Thank heavens it is melting!!

(And now my head is rather wet from standing underneath this tree with all that snow melting and dripping on my head!)


BookwormMom said...

I felt the same way....but I was thrilled with how pretty it looked when the sun broke through a bit ago!

Ally's Corner said...

Oh my it's 72 here today and 80 tomorrow.

Bonnie said...

He he! funny way to end the post! Loved it all!

Rachael said...

I want a chocolate cupcake! But then I have had this huge chocolate craving for the last week or so. You just made that craving worse.