Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday & Hunt #3

We enjoyed a special breakfast together as a family Easter Sunday and then the girls got their Easter skirts.

That deserves an explanation.

SOMEONE bought Easter dresses for three little girls before I plugged it in that Easter Sunday was also on conference Sunday.  Wanting to save the dresses for church, I decided to make them skirts to wear on Easter.

There, I admitted just how blonde I am.

easterweekend 001 easterweekend 016 easterweekend 017 easterweekend 019

We had to wait to get out to mom and dad’s where there was some actual green poking through to take some pictures.

We enjoyed lunch with the family (Merrill missed-out, he had to go fill in at the hotel because Todd got sick).  I love sitting around with my family, being able to talk about anything and everything, but love most of all the gospel oriented discussions we have.

(It doesn’t hurt it any either to have a couple of cute baby girls to hold either..)

Mom and dad did away with the hunt, and gave every family Easter gifts.  We all got toys and games for our families to enjoy together outside.

Boys got mitts and baseballs, the girls got hula-hoops, everyone got a kickball/four square ball, and dad made all the girls their own hoppy-taw.  He is too cute.  They hunted EVERYWHERE for them, and couldn’t find them, so he made them.  Then they went to one last store for something, and there they were!  The girls all got one of those too.

easter 001 easterweekend 041 easterweekend 043

Ashley got really good, really fast at hula-hooping..

easterweekend 029

I love how every Easter, I come away feeling so blessed, having an even greater understanding of the atonement and the resurrection of Christ.  He truly has saved me in many ways.

I hope this year, to live worthy of all that He has done for me.


Ally's Corner said...

Skirts are so pretty. What are those things with the girls initals on them?

Mindy said...

Those are my dad's home made hoppy-taws. Cute huh!

Tiffany said...

I did the same thing with church clothes. I bought everyone a new Sunday outfit then realized we wouldn't be at church. I quickly bought something they could play in so I guess they get 2 Easter outfits this year!

I love the hoppy-taws, they are really cute! What did your dad make them out of?

Mindy said...

If I remember right, it is the plastic shavings from the plastics area at work. He did a good job! He was so sweet to think of how bad I needed these!

kdance10 said...

Love the hoppy taws, my girls love hop scotch they really don't sale those anywhere i ave been looking for one:)

The Anderson's said...

So cute! your girls skirts are adorable...they are so lucky to have a mom like you. Glad you had a great Easter. I have never heard of a hoppy-taw until I read your post. Where did your parents finally find them at?

Mindy said...

Utah/Idaho Supply is where the hoppy taws were eventually found. Kinda figures, school supplies and all. ;)