Thursday, April 29, 2010

An attitude of gratitude.

I was beginning to worry that whatever Ashley has had was contagious.

I was starting to feels the blahs coming on, and was trying to pin down what was causing me to feel this way..

Could it be that I am trying to kick sugar?  (Just “kick it” in the “having it as a meal” form, not the occasional treat.)

Could it be that I am coming down with a cold?

Or maybe it is this crazy weather.  It is spring in Utah after all..  but another day of storminess, after gorgeous days of playing outside, were kind of a bummer.

I was feeling much like Ashley was.

I wasn’t in love with my hair, I was toying with the idea of cutting it, but then I knew I would miss it.  Especially when it comes to working out (trying to be more consistent with that one..) and being able to pull it back.  Then I would regret the choice.

I was feeling not so cute in my favorite jeans, so I opted for my favorite lounge pants instead.

I was still feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that I had to do, and all that I wanted to get accomplished..  I was feeling the blahs.

I wanted to “change-up” a lot of what I look at every day, make it more fun and exciting to me..  so blah-ish, all around me.

Then, two things happened that changed my focus:

1- Some close friends stopped by for a quick chat fest.

2- Merrill came home.

Being with people that I love, that love me too, that just know me, and I feel comfortable and happy with, gave me the perspective I needed.  I didn’t need to boo-hoo to them, just realize the blessing that they all are to me.

It would have been easy to lay it all out and cry to Merrill about every little thing that was weighing on me, but I couldn’t.  His happiness lifted my spirits.  He comes in the door everyday after his long day at work, and immediately greets me with affection.

I usually hear, “Hi gorgeous!”

(Even if I am sporting my favorite lounge pants and my hair is in a ponytail..)

There’s no doubt that the rest of our little family feels the same way about him.  As soon as the garage door is heard, all three girls are usually running to the door, waiting to greet him.  He shows all of us just how much he loves us.

Last night, after we had the kids in bed, we were together in our room.  The news was on, I was working on a project, then realized he was looking at me.  I looked at him to find him smiling at me.  Just that little thing pulled my mind away from the thoughts of all that I didn’t get accomplished that day, all those thoughts that would inevitably drag me down.

It was not a sweeping gallant act, just all of those little things.  I love him so much!

This morning, I wanted to start my day off much in the way it ended.  I was determined to not let the poor night’s sleep with far too many interruptions and feeling sick start me off badly.  I got children fed, bathed, and ready for the day, ate a good breakfast.  I set to getting small chores done, got in a good workout, and then relaxed in a hot (and much deserved) shower.  As I was reflecting on my day yesterday, pin-pointing the hormonal/overloaded/blah, and then thinking of the things that turned it around, I knew I had to post some of my gratitude.

I am blessed with incredible friends, both near and far.  To have a spur-of-the-moment chat (that also involved root-beer floats) was a blessing.  To be with them, for no reason, and enjoy each other’s company and the peace that comes with a friendship that is truly meant to be, was a needed blessing in my day.  I also found e-mails in my inbox later in the evening.  Kind notes, comments on one of many blog posts.  I receive thoughtful packages, treats, and cards, and I know that my life is blessed, very full of friends.

I am blessed with a great family!  I love my mom to pieces and to know that she is there, whenever I may need her is priceless.

Merrill is something that I feel I have said so much about, yet not enough.  He is my best friend.  He is always so supportive of my dreams and goals.  He encourages me daily.  He is honest with me.  He is there when no one else is.

I am blessed with so many things because of a loving Heavenly Father who knows me better than I know myself.  He has put these people in my life at the time when He knew I would need them the most.  I am right where I am, at this time in my life because I am supposed to me, because He put me here.

I also have to say, that it also helped, after I was lifted above the funk of the day, to reach out, beyond myself, to recognize what others need, what others would appreciate, that in serving others, we are made happier.  Our problems or “blahs” are put to the side because we aren’t thinking about ourselves.

Taking that extra time in the bedtime routine to snuggle with each of the girls and read them each a story, that helped to shift my focus as well.  To meet their needs, to show them an increase of love, helped me and rejuvenated me more than the “me time” I was dreaming of earlier that day could have.

(Not saying that “me” time is bad, I just knew that this was better this time.)

My day was full of blessings that I would be regretful if I didn’t document.

The root-beer floats also ranked pretty high up there on that list. ;)


Ally's Corner said...

Everyday is a good day, it's just how we look at it!! Hugs!

anniebobannie said...

Love you Mindy!!! {Hugs}

Adie said...

I like this post. I think sometimes these are actually themost difficult ones. I know for myself I would like to refocus on the blessings in my life more often. Thanks for sharing!!