Tuesday, April 27, 2010


And it’s not me, for once. :)

I was about to send some female sanitary protection to church with Ashley on Sunday. 

It was that bad.

I could have sworn that menses was about to begin, at any second, for her.


There was a fit about her new haircut..

“I wish I would have NEVER got cut my hair!!  IT IS UGLY!!”

(It was made right after I styled it.)

But then, it was her dress..

“This dress does NOT look cute on MY body!”

(I swear, I never have meltdowns like this..  out loud at least.)

That was remedied with a cute new flower clipped in her hair.

But the hormones raged on.

(And continue to rage on.)

See how quickly the tides change?

27 003 copy 27 004 copy

And this was after I made a deal with her, that she could eat oreos and milk for breakfast if she would HAPPILY pose for some pictures..

There is a fit thrown over just about everything.

And they are usually irrational.

Oh, I try to help her reason through it, but you see, there is NO reasoning with her.

Won’t it be super fun when all three of my girls have synchronized cycles?

(That “super fun” was said with much sarcasm.)

I can only hope that level-headedness prevails when that blessed day arrives.


anniebobannie said...

I am sorry! Ava has already started being a bll of hormones too! AHHHH!!!

Amber said...

If it helps you feel better about the future, my sisters and I were never synchronized. In fact, I was never synchronized with any of my roommates, either, so maybe you can have a little hope. :)

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

oh boy! or rather, oh girl! Sariah has never been too emotional, and all of a sudden, she is extremely emotional! For instance, i asked her to take a shower, she cried for an hour!! If you figure out a way to calm the hormones, let me know!

Ally's Corner said...

Just wait girlfriend I'm there with one of mine it's not fun.

Gary Boyle Family said...

What I had must be going around- that is exactly how I was acting last week. ;)

Gary Boyle Family said...

(btw- I LOVE the pics- Hilarious!!) :)

BookwormMom said...

Cole says that he thinks the whole stake (or at least the 3 wards that share our building) are on the same schedule...due to the contents of the garbages in the women's restroom....

Maybe she's just sensitive to everyone else's hormones in addition to her own! :)

MMMMmmmm Oreo's and milk for breakfast...way to weaken my resolve for the day!

Emalee said...

hahaha poor thing!!