Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Top 10.

10 things this girl does that makes me laugh:

12th 035

10- She sticks her tongue through her gap.

9- She wrote her name, on her seatbelt, in green crayon.

8- She sticks her gum on her nightstand when she goes to bed at night, and puts it there again before she leaves for school.

12th 037

7- She told me yesterday, mid-conversation about her day at school, that her teacher called her “a freakin’ genius”.

6- She usually comes busting through the front door after school, shedding layers as fast as she can while doing the “potty dance”. 

5- When she reads her homework to us, she gives us all the alternates for words, such as: live or live, wind or wind, read or read.

12th 040

4- She packs her “high heels” to change into when she gets to school.

3- The first thing she asks when she is home from school (after the much needed bathroom trip, of course..) is if she can watch more “Anne of Green Gables”.

2- She wrote her name in red crayon on the front porch, right in front of the door mat, so her friends would know that she lives here.

12th 034

1- The number one thing that she did that had me absolutely rolling yesterday was something she said in a conversation with Ashley:

“Hey Ash. You wanna do me a flavor?”

That had me laughing because she used flavor, just a little slang she picked up from her parents.)

“Do you wanna be my slave today?”

I was rolling at this point, and they both turned to look at me, confused.  Ashley quickly responded with way too much enthusiasm:


Oh how we love her!


Ally's Corner said...

Kids are so funny!!!

Crystal said...

I remember all the many times in my childhood when I was JC's slave. He had me do everything. Gotta love siblings.

I love this post. I need to do a top 10 for my 2.

Emalee said...

LOL I just think she is Adorable!!!

anniebobannie said...

She is darling! I love the tooth tongue trick!! TOO cute!

Julie said...

She is such a silly girl.

Tiffany Nash said...

Gotta love that smile! =)