Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring break!

We really didn’t do much for spring break this year..

I sewed, in preparation for Easter.

Took Ashley to the doctor for her kindergarten check-up.  She got three shots, didn’t bat an eye.  Peyton had to get one that they have been out of since her 18 month check-up (immunize by 2..  it’s up to you!).  She wasn’t as stoic as her sister.

Lynn has had her two front teeth loose for a while now.  They moved in unison  but weren’t doing much else, even with my pinning her down and wiggling those babies.

Friday, we discovered why.  They were both still fixed pretty well in the middle, and they kept bumping into each other.

After more wiggling, we got one out:

easter weekend 001

The other one was more than ready, but Lynn wasn’t.

easter weekend 011

I threw out my best bribes, but she wasn’t going for it.

Before our First Egg hunt the next morning, Lynn came to me in tears.

“My tooth is just bugging me so bad!  I want it out..”

I tried to get her to do it herself, it was just dangling there, but she wanted me to do it, and she wanted a prayer first.  Just like last time.  It came out pretty easy, just like last time.

easter weekend 012

She is pretty cute.

She is also worried about the coming corn on the cob season.

We also know where to go if we are in need of any cash.  This girl is raking it in!

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