Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kindergarten Checklist


We have kept busy this week with the necessary appointments for Ashley’s Kindergarten paperwork.

Dentist, check.

Doctor, check.

Fun shots, check.

I have been continually praying, literally every step of the way, for guidance to know if what I am doing is the right thing for her.

I know that she WILL NOT have that one teacher.

No way Jose.

As I filled out the round-up sheet, I prayed.  I also received the feeling that I should just be still, that it will all be okay.

And that is what my answer continues to be, every step of the way.

She was awesome at her dentist appointment.  I remember Lynn being a little more freaked out and I was kind of worried hearing Lynn prep Ashley for everything that was going to happen.  But she was fine, she was her silly, relaxed self.  The dentist said her teeth were PERFECT!  To keep up on the fluoride (when I remember) and to continue with our brushing habit (I have turn, then she does), and flossing (oh, how I need to be so much better!)

The kid earned TWO tokens, she was that awesome.

It was also a blessing that we happened to have a credit on our account there.  That meant that yesterday was covered!  One more thing that I budgeted for, but have some extra cash due to that little, heaven sent, credit. :)

Today we went for her well-child check.  She was even sillier there.  Our doctor loves us I am sure.  Imagine how fun our appointment was for him, me + 3 silly girls.  It was fun.

It was even funner for Ashley who got 3 shots, and didn’t cry.  Didn't even tear up!  (Her leg is hurting her tonight..  hopefully that Tylenol and heating pad helped ease her discomfort enough to sleep well.)  She did have Lynn holding one hand while I held the other.  Lynn is such a sweet sister.

Peyton on the other hand, was a different story.  She cried and looked rather betrayed and let that nurse know it when she had to get that one cocktail to get her up to date.  Poor kid.

We were also lucky enough to arrive the exact same time as the Lincare guy who was dressed as the Easter Bunny.

What a fun coincidence!

Lynn and Ash were stoked to be the first to pick a treat from his basket, but Peyton was leery of the fuzzy-suited guy.  She still didn’t  like him much after he took off the mask.  I hope she doesn’t develop a fear of the Easter Bunny like I did of clowns.

My experience was  around two also. :O


Ally's Corner said...

Kindergarten can be really fun if you have the right teacher. Waiting for this year to end because we didn't have the right teacher.

BookwormMom said...

Kindergarten already?

I don't even want to thing about it...