Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hunt #2

We had our second hunt for the day at home.  It was inside (again) due to our typical, ever-changing, freaky Utah weather.

I like to have the “Fun Side” of Easter on Saturday, the day before, so we can focus on the real meaning of Easter on Sunday.  Sure, there is the left-over candy, the fun toys, and the new dresses to take our attention still, but I try to have the focus of the day be on that greatest event, the resurrection of our Savior.

The girls also get less candy in our own little family hunt.  I know they get it from both Grandmas, so we chill out just a wee bit on the sweet stuff.

(It also helps that Easter candy is my FAVORITE and I already have a few large stashes around the house..  I really don’t need to buy anymore!)

easter weekend 166 easter weekend 172 easter weekend 171

I have to admit, it does look more like Christmas.

easter weekend 174

Peyton’s favorite:

easter weekend 177

Her slinky!  She even went to bed with it.

I made the girls a few new things, pajamas being one of those things.  I hid them as one of their Easter gifts.

I wanted to have a little more symbolism to go with them, something about how Christ rose from the slumber of death and so shall we, but I think it went over their heads a little bit..

easter weekend 164 easter weekend 181

They went to bed, excited to have the next day, staying at home, watching conference, playing with their toys and eating treats and going to Grammy’s for one more hunt..

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Ally's Corner said...

My girls got that same chocolate bunny from my MLI for Easter. Cute, cute PJ's, oh how I wish I could sew like you.