Saturday, April 17, 2010


Peyton’s favorite new word lately is “cuuuute!” and she says it referring to just about EVERYTHING.

The other day, while she was showing me each of those dried-up dead worms, she would add, “Cute, huh mom.”

While I fix my hair or put on my make-up, she remarks, “Cuuute mom!”

As I was cleaning the toilets the other day with my trusty sidekick beside me, she told me how well I was doing cleaning the thing, “Cute mom!”

After Ashley gets dressed, Peyton informs her of how “cuuuuute” she is.

The other day, I was preparing a pork roast for our pulled pork dinner.  I got out the ingredients I needed for the rub, and she asked, “Mom?  Was dat?”

“This is spice rub.”

“Oh!  Cuuute mom..”

I got out foil and placed the pork roast on it.  She pointed to the roast and asked, “Was dat mom?”

“That is the pork roast that will be for dinner later.”

“Oh..  cuuute.”

As I began rubbing the spice rub all over the roast, she gasped, and exclaimed, “CUUUUTE MOM!!!”

She is so “cuuute!”


Rachael said...

I could totally see how you rubbing spices all over a roast would be "cuuute." Perhaps you should video this the next time. So we can see and agree with Peyton. ;)

Julie said...

I agree with you. Peyton is cuuute!