Friday, April 30, 2010

Her daddy’s finger.

Peyton has herself wrapped around it.

65% of the time, she isn’t very friendly to him.  When he greets her, it is usually met with a scowl, then turns her face into her shoulder.  It doesn’t boost his confidence in the fathering area.  So when she shows him affection, he eats it up, and she knows when she can continue to spoon feed him, and keep him doing whatever she wants.

The other night for example..

It was bedtime.  We have had some pretty fantastic bedtimes lately.  I have discovered that the key is consistency.  (Another DUH! moment.)  Well, that and being firm.  It took a couple of nights of taking little sweet P back to her bed and telling her it was bedtime.  No snuggling, no prolonged visiting or singing, just cutting to the chase.

It took those two nights of that routine until she would stay there and fall asleep.

All children in be by 8:30.


That easy.  After family prayer, kisses, tuck-ins, bedtime tunes turned on oh, so quietly.  And she stayed there!!

Then there was the other night. 

Perhaps it was the long nap that got her going, perhaps she had figured out what to do to stay up just a little bit longer, either way, she wrapped her daddy around her finger just a bit tighter.

She came into our room, was immediately met by me, the bedtime police, with a, “Go back to bed Peyton.”. 

She responded by looking right at Merrill and said, “Tell you som-thin’ daddy?”  (Sideways glance at me.)

He began melting, a little too obviously.  “Suuure Pey!”

That was her invitation to climb up on the bed and snuggle in. 

(Going for the kill.)

“I a-wuv you daddy…”

(More melting.)

“Awwweee!!!  I love you too Pey!”

(Another glance that was more like a silent satisfied laugh from the wee one.)

She pulled his arm around her just a little bit tighter.

It went on like a TV show re-run, and I reminded him that we need to stay consistent with bedtime, especially with her.

“But I don’t get this that often!  I should take it while I can get it.”

She was winning.

All I could do was shake my head at the two of them.

She totally played him.


Rachael said...

Ahh..ha ha ... good stuff! Girls know just how to get what they want.

Julie said...

Ahh, that sounds like a Kodak moment.

anniebobannie said...

so cute! and that is what we do most every night around these parts!!! Daddy runs and gets her when she cries and likes to play with her and then they both get mad at me when I make her go back to bed.....

Sherri Wright said...

Oh Mindy! That is so precious! She knows exactly what to do. Love it.

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

that is a little stinker! But, I have a girl like that too. All she has to do is show her daddy her big brown eyes and he melts...he claims this has never happened, but I beg to differ! Girls and their daddies!

Tiffany said...

A scene that is all to familiar at my house too. How can I blame him though? They do look adorable all snuggled in Daddy's arms!

Crystal said...

So adorable. That has happened WAY too many times between lint and Chenielle. There is a special bond between a daddy and daughter.

Promise said...

Too cute! I cant blame Merrill...and I cant wait for the day our little Abby is doing that to Ken! BUT...I do know what it is like being the bedtime is no fun...but darn it someone has to do it or no one sleeps!