Saturday, April 10, 2010

Family Day

We were so blessed today, that Merrill was able to take the day off.
Kind of.
That RARELY happens.
We are lucky if Sunday comes and goes without a phone call for a problem of some sort down at the hotel.
He went down early (as in everyone was still sleeping) to take care of a few necessary things, then he was home to enjoy breakfast with us and then we were off to have lots of fun.
We ran a few errands then headed out to Antelope Island.
We took some lunch, fed the sea gulls too, and took so many pictures, the girls ended-up having enough of me and my shutter, but not enough of the sand or the water.
antelope island 002 antelope island 065 antelope island 069
Merrill striking his most favorite pose:antelope island 074 antelope island 066 antelope island 076 antelope island 088 antelope island 107 antelope island 104 antelope island 115
We saw an antelope (Merrill wants that point to be stressed, he thinks they should re-name the island to “Buffalo Island” we saw tons of those!), buffalo (aforementioned.), lots of gulls, and even a mouse.
We also saw some poop, which would interest Peyton to no end, she would bend down, sniff the air and then say, “Ewwww!  Poop.”
We went to explore the island more after a group picture was a total bust, but the girls weren’t too excited about that.  They really just wanted to go home.
antelope island 198
It was quite the day!
Can’t wait to have another one like this.


anniebobannie said...

Love days like that! My favorite!!! I also love the picture where Merrill is too cool for school! LOL

Ally's Corner said...

These are great pictures. One day I will get my dream camera.

Bonnie said...

That looks Fabulously fun!

Six-Pack Momma said...

Sounds like fun! I love days like that!